My Therapies

Energy keeps the body alive and maintains good health. With Pranic Healing we use this energy to treat and resolve physical problems such as aches, pains, infections, and illnesses through to chronic ailments like cancer, boost your immune system or even complement or be used for IVF treatment. It is incredibly effective with emotional problems like stress, anxiety, depression and even addictions. It works on the fundamental principle that the body can heal itself. It also helps achieve peace of mind and mental clarity while living a more dynamic and productive life.

Awaken your heart

All you need to do is to be open to receive the rest will be done for you in person, online over zoom, or remotely while you are at work, or you sleep. It works over long distance and highly effective. Usually performed while you are meditating, and we suggest doing the Twin Heart Meditation to open the two main Chakras, the Heart, and Crown Chakras.

Lost your sparkle?

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